Christmas Handmade Chocolates Gift box

FavoElement is launching 2022 a very exclusive Christmas Gift Pack special dedicated to all our Friends and Clients. The Christmas Gift Pack consists premium handmade chocolate which suite all people that may enlighten their session of celebration.

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FavoElement Christmas Gift Pack consists of 20 pieces of premium quality handmade chocolate and  up to 12 favours for you to explore. The selected 12 flavours were our best sellers flavours throughout our selections. These chocolates will bring a moment of bliss to the tongue. And our chocolates are Halal Certified.

1) Milk Chocolate with Orange filling x1

2) White Chocolate almond cup x1

3) Milk Chocolate with Feuilletine filling x1

4) Milk Chocolate with Caramel filling x1

5) Dark Chocolate with Coffee filling x1

6) Milk Chocolate Almond cup x1

7) Dark Chocolate with  Hazelnut filling x1

8 ) White Chocolate with Strawberry filling x1

9) Dark Chocolate with Raspberry filling x1

10) Dark Chocolate with Pineapple filling x1

11) Dark Chocolate x6

12) White Chocolate x4