Offer high-quality products

FavoElement was founded with the aim to offer high-quality products to the prestigious customers.

The company produces processed products by using the fresh fruits directly from the farm. At FavoElement, we care about what is in our food, and we care about the food that you will eat and enjoy. Therefore, FavoElement hand-pick the raw food materials from Crosslink Agventure that produces fruits and crop which meet the highest level of food safety and our own very selective standards for tasty and goodness.

FavoElement’s team explores food safety aspects and uses innovative processing technologies.

We aim to provide exceptional fresh fruits from farm to customers and the fresh fruits are processed for re-manufacturing into various forms of food such as jellies, frozen chunks and slices, beverages, mochi, jam, ice-cream, mooncakes, and others.

nutrients and antioxidant compounds
Produces processed foods with high amounts of many nutrients and antioxidant compounds through an advanced technology.

Premium Products


We believe that people should have uncomplicated access to high-quality of foods so we offer a wide variety of premium products throughout the grocery shops and also the online retails.