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The raw beauty of Raub, Pahang is a good reason for planting because of the natural sunlight, fresh air, and clean water
In 2021, Crosslink Agventure Sdn Bhd (“Crosslink Agventure”) was founded and formed by professional farmers to plant fruits such as durian included Musang King and Black Thorn, and other crop in Raub.

The company strikes to produce a wide selection of mouth-watering delicacies and fresh fruits for consumers. Besides that, the company implements the best practices and high-quality of planting materials to ensure a fruitful outcome. Our farmers are on a journey to produce the healthiest food for you. Since the inception of Crosslink Agventure, we believe that serving the community with fresh crop is the heart of the company therefore this is our aspiration to create a number of flavourful and nutritious crop.

Crosslink Agventure provides plantation management solutions which will be of great benefit to beloved stakeholders.

Our farmers know what it takes to thrive in agriculture and their drops of blood and sweat in the fields has created productive and lasting relationships with the lands we cultivate. In addition, the company looks for opportunities to develop plantation fields with the aim to create a healthy environment and eco-sustainability. Our dedicated team are reliable when comes to land development plans. Crosslink Agventure team also finds land for plantation purpose and puts effort in developing the plantation segment.

Crosslink Agventure’s downstream products is headed by FavoElement, a brand that brings you the top quality and premium food from around Malaysia, serving a variety form of food which awakes your imaginations with unexpected stories to celebrate precious life at its most extraordinary way.

FavoElement believes that premium food provides customers an intimate perspective on the prestigious world of luxury living and connect them to the people within it.


Do you know?

There are many kinds of durians out there. Many farmers cultivate the durian through cloning farming methods to get different tastes, sizes, and looks. They do this through trial and errors naturally and also by human intervention. In Malaysia, there are about 200 varieties of durian which are commercially registered with the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), and among the famous are Musang King (D197) and Black Thorn (D200).

Meanwhile, the interest in durian farming has increased over time due to its popularity not only in Malaysia but also worldwide. Since 2000, durian has been highlighted as one of the selected fruits to be grown in the Malaysian National Agro – food Policy (2011 – 2020). In addition, durian has been identified as a new source of agricultural wealth.

Alberrt Lee
Director Message:

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to Crosslink Agventure Sdn Bhd . Here you will find a comprehensive sharing of our company, reflecting the pride our employees take in our ongoing growth. It also conveys our sense of mission and vision—to become the Malaysia leader in durian plantation management and Durian Products.

Here, you will also discover our commitment to our clients and Market, how we sustain our plantation, our pioneering technology and innovation that builds a better future, the high-quality products we utilise at our plantation.